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Reconnecting with scintillating conversationalist, Laurie Gray, could potentially have been intimidating for one like me. However, this down-to-earth, used-to-be farm girl / high school athlete turned wife and button-bursting mom, successful attorney, published author, educator and child advocate was just a delight to dialogue with! In fact, I googled DOWN-TO-EARTH and Laurie truly embodies their definition TO. A. TEE.

Laurie comes from a conservative, Midwest, Christian home where she learned quite practically to cultivate a hardy work ethic, which has paid dividends throughout her life. Her household provided care to more than one foster child, and one in particular lived with her family for all of her high school career. I vividly remember Jill, as she was a classmate of mine, and ran mostly in my social circle. She was full of humor and charisma and was a natural beauty. But, that is another one’s story now, isn’t…

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