A Transformation

Fiber of Friends

One of the biggest advantages to the Facebook world is getting to have sneak peeks into the lives of people that you lose track of for decades. Such is the case with Todd Hoffer: small town Etna Green, Indiana boy, adoring husband, doting dad, musician, runner and lover of many other hobbies. So, one particular Thursday morning, after a quick handshake, he began to thoughtfully articulate his inspiring story of a life transformed.

It seemed that as Todd grew up with his older brother, Rick, that he wasn’t quite able to measure up in many ways. Rick was an outstanding musician with lots of raw, natural talent. He was well-liked everywhere that he went. Todd was four years younger and struggled with his self-esteem. As a young teen, Rick was already a talented guitarist that really wanted a drummer and a back-ground vocalist. At the age of eight, Todd found…

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