I Want to Stop Now

When challenges come, do you rise to the occasion or do you quit?  Do you become depressed or do you realize that challenging moments define you?  I was reading “Journey into Power” by Baron Baptiste and I really loved this passage in his book:

“It is generally possible for people to get into most of the power yoga poses, but it is only when they are tired and ready to come out of it that the pose begins for us.  You come up against fatigue, resistance, fear – all kinds of head trips.  Your instinct may be to flee, to say, ‘This hurts…I can’t do it…I’m out of here…” but that is precisely when you have the chance for a breakthrough.  That is the edge.  That is the moment of truth, when you transcend your boundaries and grow.”

How often have you given up [on yourself] when trying to make an improvement in your fitness routine or diet?  Quitting isn’t really an option because you’ll keep coming back around the same mountain until you finally scale it.  Growth takes effort but it usually happens in one moment – only after you’ve put in the hard work and stayed throughout the challenges.

How will  you change your life today?  Will you stay or will you stop?




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