Spring Clearing and Cleaning

“In winter I plot and plan.  In spring, I move.”  Henry Rollins

Spring is the time of year that we experience much change.  Here in Indiana, we even spring forward in time for daylight savings time.  Winter this year was difficult, cold and quite challenging for most.  We have hibernated many months and as the days get longer and the snow melts, we may still feel a sluggishness and lethargy that we can’t quite seem to shake.

In Ayurveda (the sister and medicinal side of yoga), this time of year is considered to be predominantly Kapha.  Kapha is a weighing down energy that can make us feel inert and tired.  Add the time change and it’s no wonder that we wake up to the new sunrise with a pillow over our heads and fog in our brain!

This week, to combat Kapha’s heavy weight, we will be working vigorously.  Since like attracts like, we need to do the opposite of the low energy Kapha.  We need to invigorate our workouts and add some lighter foods to our daily diet.  We will be working hard this week in all respects, so plan accordingly.  Bring your water and your towels.  Make sure your clothes are comfortable.  Most of all, bring yourself and plan to get reenergized this week as we work off some Kapha and calories!

Here is a great article detailing more:

How to Balance Kapha in Spring


2 responses

  1. I find the hardest change is that it’s still dark when I wake up. But on the contrary, sunrise is also an optimal time for yoga!

    1. I agree. It’s hard to drag myself out of bed when it’s dark LOL!

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