Am I Crazy? I’m Going for the Hard as Heck, Ridiculously Challenging SFG Kettlebell Certification!


I am terribly excited and also questioning my sanity after deciding to go for the SFG certification in April that will happen in Chicago, IL.  I’ve trained with kettlebells for a long time but I feel very overwhelmed about putting myself out there as actually committing to it!  I’ve planned for it for over 2 years now and figure, it’s now or never.  So now it is.

In case you’re wondering what the SFG certification is, a link to an informational video follows.  Pavel is awesome and I cannot wait to truly experience a three-day training program.  Ready or not…here I go!


2 responses

  1. Sounds awesome! I’ve never tried Kettlebells but they look like an amazing workout.

    1. Tamina they are the best workout I’ve ever had! Dynamic, versatile, challenging, and yet surprisingly refined. They also compliment yoga very well. You should try them sometime!

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