Qualities of Yoga Teachers – Thirty Day Personal Challenge: Day 16

“I don’t want to say work is who I am, but some people feel more centered and more whole when they’re producing and creating.” ~Ray Romano

Quality 16:  Centered

Good yoga teachers lead lives that are centered around yoga and the lessons learned from yoga.  Yoga is the path that creates a more balanced, focused and centered mind.  Yoga teachers realize that yoga improved their own lives, and they wish to help their students find the same opportunities for change.

Being centered around yogic principles means that good yoga teachers both teach and live in honesty with themselves and their students.  Unlike other physical pursuits, yoga doesn’t have “rules” except those legally and morally expected by the culture at large.  Being involved in yoga doesn’t require a commitment or oath, but most practitioners will find their own conscience mind calling them toward a higher level of behavior and existence.

Good yoga teachers use their centered life and heart to guide their students into pursuit of their own individual paths.  Yoga teachers who remain patiently centered around the yogic philosophies of allowing their students to unite with themselves through the practice, will reap great satisfaction through the eventual success of their students.

Have you ever experienced living a centered life?  What does being centered mean to you?


6 responses

  1. To me being centered is when I’m aligned– body, mind and soul connected.

    1. I agree. Being completely aligned and centered calms me. Hope your day is great!

  2. Keep on keeping on with your challenge :) My experience from being centred is controlled from within, understanding who I am and my place in the world. Knowing that it is up to me to make the change I wish to see in the world, and lease what I cannot.

    Your friend,

  3. Thanks, Lucas! Centered is definitely something that comes from within, I think :) As we change from within, we make a positive difference in the world for sure! Hope all is going well for you!

  4. Things are a challenge everyday, but I know by the end of the week it’ll be worth it :) I love your mind set!

    1. Thank you Lucas! You are doing amazing things yourself! I am proud of your tenacity! Most days we keep moving forward on faith even though it’s difficult :)

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