FAQ’s – Qualities of Yoga Teachers: Thirty Day Personal Challenge


As I approach the halfway point for this thirty day personal writing challenge, I have been asked many questions regarding this process.  I wish to share these questions and answers with those of you who have been following my blog:

Q1 – Why is the process taking longer than thirty days?

A1 – I want to ensure that I complete the personal challenge by posting thirty qualities which equates to thirty days, although they are not sequential.

Q2 – What is your reason for writing about qualities of yoga teachers?

A2 – In posting qualities that I feel are important for good yoga teachers to possess, I wish to attain two goals; I hope to  help students find a quality yoga instructor when they begin their yoga journey, and I also hope that I will help new students develop reasonable and accurate expectations when they take their first yoga class.

Q3 – Why don’t you write about qualities that should be avoided instead?  Wouldn’t that be easier?

A3 – I like to approach most subjects from a positive point of view.  In writing about negative aspects, I feel that I would be writing in a divisive manner which I do not want to do.  Yoga is about unity, and I hope that I can unite good yoga teachers with good students through my writings.

Q4:  Will you only be writing about qualities of yoga teachers for the full thirty days?

A4:  Yes, but I’d like to preface that by saying that I also try to include other aspects of the yoga experience throughout the postings.  When a new yoga student reads my entries, I hope that they will find help in navigating the “culture” and “language” of yoga because yoga is much different than the other exercise classes out there right now.

I am looking forward to writing the last half of the thirty day challenge in the coming weeks!

Pilsung (Certain Victory)



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