Qualities of a Yoga Teacher – Thirty Day Personal Challenge Day 2

Quality #2:  Open

I believe good yoga teachers are open in many ways.  Open physically, of course, because they strive in their own practice to achieve deeper levels of understanding of each pose.  Practice naturally makes their bodies more open, but yoga teachers are also open-minded, open-hearted and open-eyed.

They are open-minded to learning many ideals that fall outside of their own cultural norms.

They are open-hearted to the pain, stress and emotional duress of their students.

They are open-eyed to small changes and subtle body signals that most other people miss. 

Do you have any examples of a yoga teacher who has demonstrated an open quality?


One response

  1. This post is a great reflective reminder, thank you for sharing, wishing you a wonderful day, love, x

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