Self Care is a Gift

This is a great and very thoughtful post. Being kind and gentle to ourselves should be first priority :) Enjoy reading!

The Candida Diaries

Any one who has traveled by plane knows that in case of an air pressure drop, first you put on your yellow oxygen mask, then you can help the person next to you.  The reason is simple, you will be of little use to the person next to you if you have passed out in a valiant but misguided attempt at trying to be helpful while ignoring your own oxygen needs.  This is a great metaphor for remembering that taking care of yourself ought to be one of your top priorities.  You can not, to the best of your ability, serve others if you have not first fully supported yourself.

In this way, your self-care can be seen as a something that positively affects you and the people around you.  It’s a gift to yourself that everyone benefits from.  Conversely, abusive thoughts or behavior towards oneself not only have broad negative effects on your own health and happiness but also on those around you.

Can you make…

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