Life Is About Work


After spending the last two weeks on holiday, I feel rested and energized.  I am ready to step back into my normal routine and back into “real life.”  We all need rest and rejuvenation, especially during the stressful holiday season. 

As I puttered about my house over the last two weeks, lounging in my pajamas for most of the morning, I still found work to be done.  My stomach continued to growl for food, which had to be prepared and then eaten.  After eating, I cleaned my dishes.  After the dishes were cleaned, I put them away.  

And then I showered and fixed my hair and make-up. The bathroom sinks needed to be cleaned and the floors still had to be vacuumed.  I found time for my workouts and laundered my clothing.  Bills still needed to be paid; groceries needed to be bought.  Gifts had to be wrapped and cards addressed and mailed.  

And so, even as I enjoyed my rest, I fully understood that I never truly rest in the strictest sense.  Work is life and life is work.  Without work to do and to be done, I would lose my sense of self, of pride and accomplishment.  I would lose my motivation to achieve.  Without work, my life would lose much of its meaning, but sometimes…it’s still nice to do the minimum!


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